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May Updates

Sooooo I finally graduated! And more excitingly, I actually have time to update this website. Lots of things coming up but here are a few:

1) New pieces are up on the Gallery page! Mostly B&W, most of them from my last show at Artomatic in Crystal City (s/o to my mom for doing all the volunteering and deinstallation for me)

2) I'm now the Artist-in-Residence at Impact Hub DC! What an awesome space - if you haven't visited it, I highly recommend that you do. It's the perfect combination of social impact, creativity, and a thought-provoking community. I'm working with IHDC to create an art program, specifically an event called Arts for Change (link here: We are going to be exploring the intersection of art, creativity, and social change, by engaging with local artists, stimulating conversation, and creating an arts community at IHDC. If you're interested in attending OR showing your work, please shoot me an email and RSVP!!!!!!!!

3) A few other collaborations/projects coming up! Hopefully more to be said soon!

As sad as I am to be done with school (but not exams), I am super excited to put more time into art :)

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